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Egypt, the “cradle of civilization” is quite simple astounding. The beauty and age of its civilization, and even more, the state of its preservation is quite phenomenal.

To enjoy your stay in this wonderful country, you will need a professional, friendly and efficient Tour organizer, as there are too many wonderful sites and excursions that can be experienced within the framed and limited time of your stay.

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Egypt has it all

Egypt has it all … Welcome to Egypt … The scope of Egypt’s history is difficult to comprehend where it covers more than five thousand years, and encompasses the origin of civilization, the rise of the Greeks and Romans, the establishment of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions, the colonial era when first France and then the English ruled the country, and finally, a return to independence.

Egypt is a very critical spot in the Middle East where it plays an important role politically, religiously, and culturally.

An earliest detailed of warfare was recorded in Egypt thousands of years ago, while the world’s last global war, World War II was also ended in Egypt.

Yet, Egypt is not limited to its famous publicity as the land of pharaohs, the pyramids, and the Sphinx, as in reality, Egypt is a Million square Kilometers of oases and deserts, bordered by the Blue Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Silvery green water of the Nile, it’s the largest open air Museum where you will find a great sense of antiquity, unique attractions abounding in each part of the country.

All the mystery legends about Egypt’s ancient civilization make your holiday a unique one, whether visitor is seeking ancient history, arts, architecture, or just a relaxation along the soft green banks of the River Nile. Whether he is seeking Desert camping, Safaris, Wind surfing, fishing or Diving, or just relaxation along the Egyptian white soft sunny sandy beaches by the Mediterranean or the Red sea, EGYPT is the place to visit for its friendly people and almost all year around sunshine.

Egypt has it all, is a very true saying, as Egypt is a unique combination between Ancient and Modern, Old and New, Through the history Egypt has passed through many periods and decades that covers Pharoahnic, Greco, Roman, Ptolemy, Jewish, Coptic, and Islamic in addition to Modern history of Egypt.

Additional to the pleasant weather can be enjoyed most of the year, the visitors can enjoy more leisurely Holidays by the beaches, practicing all sorts of sea sports including Diving, Snorkeling, Wind surfing, and Fishing.

The Egyptian Desert is world known of its beauty, calmness, and limitless landscapes of beautiful scenic views, a desert Safari or just a stay for few days in one of our virgin Oasis should be considered as a change in ones monotony Modern life.

The River Nile with its green valley and Golden desert sand surrounding its green banks is one of the most beautiful scenic views a traveler can enjoy while cruising from Luxor to Aswan & Aswan to Abu Simbel and vise versa. A sail on the Nile by a felucca (Egyptian sail boat) with the native Egyptian sailors, visiting some Nile Islands is just another very pleasurable experience a visitor should not miss.

Air Balloon, is the unique way to visit Luxor, Valley of the Kings & queens, on the west bank of the River Nile (this unique tour can be closed periodically for navigation control – please check availability before booking).

The scenes on walls in the ancient temples has shown that ancient Egyptians were involved in sports activities as they known for their fitness while The rules followed in the modern day sports are also mainly based the ones adept by the Ancient Egyptians.

The variety of sports actives in Egypt have helped in gaining an international position and also by hosting many sport events like arts, athletics, scouting, badminton, golf, soccer, beach handball motor sports and a host of other activities.

You can also enjoy in Egypt the events and festivals all the year round. Festivals in Egypt are a religious significant and traditional were the cultural heritage in Egypt is a mixture between different era from pharaohs to Jewish, Coptic and Islamic era.

Festivals and Events are part of the cultural heritage of Egypt which presents the society in a cheerful way.




Egyptians honored by Noble prizes:

  1. Anwar El Sadat, Peace, 1978
  2. Naguib Mahfouz, Literature, 1988
  3. Ahmed Zewail, Chemistry, 1999

Egypt is a unique blend and mix of very many beautiful things that can be lived and enjoyed during a life time travel experience, as Egypt really has it all.


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